Neighbourhood Plan

The Aldingbourne NP was brought into force following an ADC Full Council meeting on the 9th November 2016.

The Plan is now being reviewed to bring it into line with the newly adopted Arun Local Plan 2018. Details of the review can be found here - Aldingbourne NP 2019

The inside story 

The Plan passed the referendum on 18th October and is now planning policy for this parish ie developers and planners will be required to follow it. 

The Neighbourhood Plan Team have taken on board local needs and views expressed through many consultation events and questionnaires. Do take a look. The Plan has changed since Sept 2015, when the first draft was rejected by an Independent Examiner: There is now no site allocated for housing because housing won on appeal at Nyton Nurseries and Hook Lane met the parish’s housing allocation 11 times over. Small sites may be developed within the settlement boundary, providing they comply with other policies in the Plan, and 40% of housing must be affordable. Sadly, a policy giving priority to people with local connections had to be moved to the Community Aspirations section following the recent Independent Examination.  Policies for Getting Around, such as creating quiet lanes,  safe cycle routes and keeping the Woodgate level crossing open (in the event of an A29 bypass being built), are also Community Aspirations which the Parish Council will work to deliver. 

The Council’s innovative policy establishing wildlife/green corridors was retained but modified at the examination, key open spaces are protected and there are policies to retain the flint walls and dark skies that are characteristic of the parish. The resulting Plan may not contain everything the community had hoped, but it does contain policies that will benefit the community, it provides a clear vision of what the community holds important and clarity for those wishing to develop within the Parish. Once adopted, the parish will be eligible for 25% of the Community Infrastructure Levy on any development.   

The process has been led by the Parish Council through its ANDP team, supported by a great deal of volunteer effort and by you the community in responding to consultations. The team are also grateful to the Parish Council’s consultant Maureen Chaffe, Arun District Council planning department, Government and your Parish Council for funding.  



Regulation 15 Submission Plan [pdf] 2MB

Consultation Statement [pdf] 532KB

Basic Conditions Statement [pdf] 183KB


Documents should be read in conjunction with the Evidence Base and Key Documents