Expressions of Interest

If you are in need of affordable housing in the parishes of Aldingbourne, Barnham and Eastergate please complete the Expression of Interest form so that we can keep you informed of opportunities. 

This is not an application form, that would come later, but your first chance to get your name on a list of those that might be eligible. It is also important that the ABE CLT can show that the need for affordable housing in the parishes is real and that the projects we work on should continue to the next stage, supporting our work with planners, developers and housing providers.

The criteria for eligibility are not finalised yet but the intention is to include anyone with a “local connection”, which might include having to move elsewhere because you cannot afford housing in the parishes, having family here, having to live with Mum and Dad, needing to live here because you work here, wanting to downsize. The explanation box is designed to let you tell us why you think you should be eligible. 

Expression of Interest form