Policies and Procedures

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Allotment Policy
Bereavement and Compassionate Leave Policy
Broadcasting Filming or Recording Policy
Civility and Respect Pledge
Code of Conduct
Data Protection Policy
Data Retention Policy
Equal Opportunity Policy
Financial Regulations Policy
FOI Publications Scheme
FOI Policy
Grant Application Form
Grant Policy
I.T. Security Policies
Members Allowances Policy
Planning Pre-application policy
Privacy Notices
Scheme of Delegation
Standing Orders
Scheme of Delegation- 2022 adopted policies


Annual Leave Policy  2020

Appraisal Policy  2020

Co-option Application Form 2020

Co-option Eligibility 2020

Co-option Policy and Procedure 2020

Dignity at Work 2020

Grievance Policy 2020

Lone Working Policy 2020

Press & Media Policy  2020

Protocol for Disciplinary & Grievance  2020

Recruitment Policy 2020

Sick Absence Policy 2020

Social Media Policy  2020

Stress Policy 2020

Training Policy 2020

Disciplinary Policy 2020

Pre Application Policy 2020