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Community Land Trust Board Meeting


Community Land Trust Board Meeting 

Mon 5th July 2021 – 7.00 pm

Venue: Aldingbourne Community Sports Centre (or hybrid meeting – zoom invitation can be sent to those who would prefer this)


1. Welcome and apologies

2.  Declarations of interest 

3.  Notes and actions from May 17th 2021 meeting 

a)  Agreement of meeting notes

b)  Outstanding actions

c)  Matters Arising

4. Financial report - SL

5. Potential Sites – to report any updated information

6. Neighbourhood Plans – progress LB, AE. 

7. Any other business – AirS and NCLTN events. 

8. To agree dates and arrangements for Board meeting and AGM and subsequent meetings: 

Suggested date with AGM, Sept 13th at Barnham Community Centre. Nov 15th or 22nd, 

Minutes of the meeting held 5th July 2021

Minutes of the AGM held 14th September 2021