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Oving Road Speed Limit Petition


The Parish Council has agreed to help Mark Ashwell with his petition for reducing speed in the Oving Road area.

“We are seeking to reduce the speed limit for the first part of Oving Road to 40mph (the same as on Nyton Road) due to 60mph being (1). too dangerous and (2). Too noisy for the local housing.  Coming out Hook lane is a complete lottery with a blind bend to the left.  You just don’t have any time to see or react with vehicles allowed to travel at 60mph on a blind bend. If it hasn’t caused and accident (which I think it has) then it certainly will at some point until the speed is changed. It is also dangerous for all of the houses that have drives coming out onto the Oving Road.

In addition to it being dangerous, the road noise from 60mph traffic on a country lane with housing is considerable and needs to be reduced. This is even more important if the road gets even busier due to the changes to the A27”.


Link to online petition: