Evidence Base 2016


Key Documents

This evidence is collated in sections corresponding to the topics in the NP e.g. Getting Around


EB Number  
Neighbourhood Plan    


Regulation 15 Submission Plan [pdf] 2MB

Basic Conditions Statement [pdf] 183KB

Consultation Statement [pdf] 532KB

Response to Reg 15 consultation - Cala Group [pdf] 11MB


Reg 14 Presubmission Plan [pdf] 2MB

ADC Reg 14 responses [pdf] 211KB

Reg 14 responses - other [pdf] 100KB

ADC SEA Screening Determination [pdf] 705KB



Getting Around    
Public Rights of Way [pdf] 404KB 1 Policy GA2                                                                                       
Transport Map [pdf] 379KB 2 Policy GA2
Environment and Heritage    
Biodiversity Report for Aldingbourne [pdf] 7MB  - Biodiversity Corridors Justification [pdf] 483KB 3 3.4.5, Policy EH1
Biodiversity Corridors Map [pdf] 1MB - Larger scale North [pdf] 2MBLarger scale South [pdf] 1MB 4 Policy EH1
1840 Tithe Map - Land Uses [pdf] 1MB   5 3.4.2, Policy EH2
ADC Landscape Study - Appraisal [pdf] 489KB 6 3.4.2, Policy EH1
Aldingbourne SNCI Map [pdf] 2MB 7 Policy EH1
Landscape and Visual Amenity Aspects of Development Choices - external link  8 3.4.2
Chalk Stream and Habitat Map [pdf] 2MB 9 3.4.4e, Policy EH2
EA Flood Mapping [pdf] 1MB 10 Policy EH3, 4
Fluvial and Coastal Flood Risk [pdf] 417KB 11  
Pollution Incidents [pdf] 389KB   12 Policy EH3
Flood Risk Report compiled by Richard Allitt Assoc [pdf] 865KB 13 Policy EH3
Tree Preservation Orders 14 3.4.6, Policy EH5
Aldingbourne Listed Buildings 15 Policy EH9
Norton Lane Conservation Area   16 Policy EH9
Church Road Conservation Area 17 Policy EH9
Proposed new Conservation Area Text and Map [pdf] 867KB   18 Policy EH9
ADC Energy Efficiency and Fuel Poverty Strategy 2014-29 [pdf] 2MB 19 Policy EH12
Local Green Space Descriptions [pdf] 2MB 20 Policy LC6
Local Green Space Map [pdf] 6MB - Larger scale maps [pdf] 567KB 21 Policy LC6
Ancient Woodland Map [pdf] 1MB 22 3.4.7
WSCC Hedgerow Survey 2001 map [pdf] 1MB 23 3.4.4b
Traditional Orchards [pdf] 724KB 24 3.4.4a
Agricultural Land Classification Map [pdf] 477KB 25 3.4.1
Scheduled Ancient Monument Map [pdf] 463KB 26 3.5.4
Building and Structures of Character [pdf] 166KB - ADC SPG 27 3.5.6

Proposed Areas of Special Character

Westergate Street 1 [pdf] 552KB

Westergate Street 2 [pdf] 738KB

Sack Lane [pdf] 274KB

Hook Lane - Proposed new Conservation Area Text and Map [pdf] 867KB

27A Policy EH9
Housing Needs Survey 2013 [pdf] 423KB 28 Policy H4
Site Context Plan [pdf] 403KB 29 Policy H5
Westergate Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment [pdf] 610KB 30 Policy H5
SHLAA sites map [pdf] 390KB 31 Policy H5
SHLAA sites analysis [pdf] 65KB   32 Policy H5
ADC Housing Allocations Scheme [pdf] 235KB -  33 Policy H5
Church Commissioners Plan [pdf] 9MB - housing development 2000 houses 34  
Employment and Enterprise    
Site Context Plan [pdf] 403KB 35 Policy EE2
Business Survey 2013 [pdf] 26KB   36 Policy EE3
Business Survey Results [pdf] 54KB 37 Policy EE3
Leisure and Community    
Notes on Medical Provision [pdf] 57KB 38 3.9.3, Policy LC2
ADC Play Strategy 39 Policy LC3
Community Facilities Map [pdf] 414KB 40 Policy LC 3,4,5,6
Community Voluntary Groups Survey Results [pdf] 42KB 41 Policy LC 3,4,5,6
Bognor Trojans FC [pdf] 29KB 42 Policy LC 3
Education Provision Note [pdf] 38KB 43 Policy LC8